Amara Noir


A lot of changes directly affecting legal adult work result of recent bill passed by congress.  This affects all of us,  even  people outside the US.  Even civvies.

Right now, those directly affected in the 1st wave- are exhausted. Things will change, likely drastically so. I just so happen to be  taking a personal trip April 1. Upon my return My 1st priority is finishing taxes.  I'll certainly produce clips & take calls through the end of April. I have another personal trip, tentatively around May.  That being said, it will be a while until My resources (time, energy, focus) are all aligned in NYC running full cylinder AMARA NOIR. Be Patient.  Be kind. 


I've recently launched my profile @Amara_Noir I'm appealing to my fart fetishists 1st Starting today, Feb 4th if I get: 10 new* subscribers by Weds morning 25 new subscribers by Valentine's day or 50 new subscribers by Feb 28th I will film and post an 8-10min #facefarting clip to my fanclub I have plenty of NEW solo POV fart content to post up. I've added plenty just in one day more on deck how much I add will be based on how many subscribers over all *if you are not a fart fetishist- NO WORRIES- I will add content geared twds the interests of my subscribers and make sure to post other kinky, sexy content *10 is truly low-balling so let's make that 10 new 3month or longer subscriptions by WEDS 9 AM EST godspeed chandosos sucios.

*New (added on or after Feb 4th)