Amara Noir



MAY 1st

Hola sucios, Que pasas?

April was really draining for Me. I thought I'd be recharged after visiting Seattle and crossing My taxes off the to-do list. Nope!  Might be celiac related, or maybe I'm allergy to yet even more things!

Either way,  I haven't been drinking. I've been avoiding certain foods, and I may even do a week or two on a raw diet or  pulling elements from the CLEAN cleanse I did several yrs ago.

That said,  I had a fart party with a regular. It was  above and beyond  My standards.  I delivered. We were both happy.  I'm reluctant to book anything further for the time being. I don't want to feel performance anxiety. I don't want to overeat. I don't want to eat  items I'm working on eliminating temporarily to see if they are causing me irritation. 

 I am booking a DETROIT trip soon! Check the travel tab & get back to Me if it applies to you